If We Only Knew

If the domiciled culture(s) broadly understood the direct impact of natural selection and survival, the “unnatural selection” which has been quietly promoted for decades would not have had such a big head-start and this “Trojan Horse” would have been dealt with appropriately in the beginning. Asking Australians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Germans, Swiss etc, what will happen to them when their entire society is converted to select against them like schools, universities, jobs ? We currently see what 20-40% looks like as they word the discrimination of native people as “reserved for minorities”. Once the percentage is high enough, simple starvation, incarceration and the violence of various predatory cultures is all that’s needed to complete genocide. Notice that every law or policy is designed to fracture the solidarity of the “host” country, not of the parasitic groups whom are imported, only one group, the domiciled ethnicity. Aside from sorting through mountains of confusion, it seems that the main fight for host countries is to keep their traditions and way of life “ethnicity” alive for their children. Sadly, not enough of them can figure out why something so simple which has been done for hundreds of years has been turned into such a near impossible task while at the same time, subsidized and made so easy for their unwanted guests. It’s really confusing when the government wont tell you the reason they want to stop the enculturation of your children.

Not enough of us know that a euphemism is designed to waste time and serve as a distraction so your enemy can operate unnoticed. Multiculturalism is one of these euphemisms, this globally coordinated movement was forced on multiple countries simultaneously against the will of the people. Multiculturalism is a slanted name for genocide as you will notice that not one of these host countries are allowed to take steps to ensure the survival of their culture nor remain in control of their cultural property/ knowledge. Note that each of these countries already has entire cities where their ethnicity has been fully eradicated and a large percentage of any city they occupy now. Logically thinking about why someone would fracture then over dilute a country suggests that the only way to kill a powerful ethnicity is by blending it away until it’s gone (genocide). It should be the decision of the people if they want to forfeit their most precious possession (ethnic identity), yet they were never asked, got a chance to vote, warned or compensated. People need to Identify the reasons that their life/ ethnic identity is being given away to people who want to destroy it. They need to know the reasons that the only ethnic attacks they witness are the attacks against their own culture. They need to know why the self defense of the entire domiciled culture is over stigmatized in the media and painted as a crime. They must know that the government wont tell them how many murders, crimes and other forms of vandalism (including cultural) to expect from their unwanted guest. They won’t even allow them to keep a total or track these crimes.

Governments are composed of educated and highly skilled people usually containing a minimal level of expertise. They know that different groups of people want different living environments, they know that putting opposing groups together will result in fighting, crime, murders, riots etc. They know this and they did this on purpose, in fact, they knew that the only way this infiltration would succeed is by freezing the very government channels that the entire population relies on for justice, making deportations impossible while illegal immigration and childbirth was maximized in every way possible at the same time by the same government. Problems arise for this genocide campaign as the domiciled culture (the one that’s supposed to be there) can not be quietly/ easily drowned in an equal, free and balanced society so certain steps are taken to unbalance this system and make sure the laws are no longer “neutral” as that cuts both ways and defends the culture being attacked. This way, the government will keep importing trouble and problems and the media will gladly over react in an effort to stop the people from talking about it. Because talking about it or debating is what can destroy this movement.

Freedom of speech makes this movement so difficult that it must be silenced. Now, it can not be completely banned but people can have large amounts of shame directed towards them, or have rumors spread about them for speaking freely. The only way to paralyze freedom of speech is by stigmatizing the entire group of people that you don’t want to speak. Impose a false identity on them that’s shameful or criminal, cause them as much trouble as possible and try to make them paranoid. In 100% of the countries being devoured, the domiciled population is often stigmatized as racist by the media and government, even the foreigners themselves have been trained to bully people by calling them names like this. Why can’t any of them prove it? The accuser has always had the “burden of proof” but that makes these false claims impossible to carry out so it’s not required when you want to call people certain names. To make this mind game even more confusing, the foreigners were taught a different meaning of racism, they were taught that anything that’s different that them, their culture or slows down their infiltration is racist and to destroy it. This guaranties they will behave like a predator and constantly attack the culture of the host country on every level and in every way possible. This explains the attacks on the people, customs, holidays, traditions, language, flag, businesses, schools, curriculum, sports, events, children, history, future and ultimately it’s an attack on the very existence. These attacks serve a second function, that is to make attacks on the domiciled culture a new “norm” in the culture of the offenders. It was uncomfortable for them at first, so the schools helped them out by promoting certain lies like “white privilege” or distorting the history of slavery and the media also helps them be more comfortable with these attacks because they make it known that no one will tell on them and they even race bait them by showing carefully calculated stories aimed to upset the foreigners. As more and more of these immigrants openly and racially attack, then even more of them feel comfortable joining in to increase the overall numbers of attacks. Pretty soon, these one way racial attacks are considered a “norm” and acceptable behavior which is how they usher in national white oppression in a white country (which will not end until the last woman and child are gone). This is also why you don’t see equal criticism or even a defense from the host country/ culture while they are mauled by their enemy. Another stalling tactic used is telling the victims to ignore the death stare from the foreigners (only the walking dead would do that).

Hyper denial (willful blindness) is needed to maximize the amount of time that’s wasted and stall while they grow the opposing population (those opposed to the domiciled culture). Rhetorical answers are often coupled with more pointless euphemisms and then stalled even further by blaming the dysfunctional government channels that have been purposely frozen to ensure justice can’t be provided. Ironic how the government can claim they are unable to move and defend their countrymen yet jump lightning fast when defending the infiltrators (many inconsistencies). To keep tensions as high as possible and through a multi-layered project involving the education system, media, corporations, public and various government offices. A button or trigger is installed in various groups of people through different sorts or conditioning so basically, certain “magic words” or a particular type of news article or event can set off riots and uncontrollable violence. Good example in the states is using nigger, if the media showed only one person use that whom was not black, millions would riot within minutes, broadcasting interracial altercations will do the same as well. The point is, that it took a long time to install these various buttons in various ethnic groups but since mass media controls it, a number of different levers can be pulled to cause any different number of things to happen. With the press of a button, you can cause nation wide murders, strikes, vandalism, riots, beatings and the list keeps going. Do you think these groups of people ever stop to realize that these control mechanisms were installed to use them like a tool, or to keep them in a certain rank like a caste system? Sadly the answer is no, this was designed to work in conjunction with anger knowing that people don’t think logically when they are mad, they only focus on vengeance. Maybe certain colors of people don’t realize that every time this button is pressed (causing violence) that it feeds the negative stereotype they have spent their life trying to escape and makes it worse. Was this designed to work like a snare? You bet it was !

Not many people recognize the fact their entire country and culture are deeply immersed in a large scale psychopathic mind game, the different groups/ ethnicities involved don’t even recognize the special ways they have been trained. Blacks are brainwashed to think they are being racially profiled if they get investigated/ arrested (guilty or not) so they have been trained to accuse whom ever pursued them of racial profiling. Blacks don’t realize they were “conditioned” to do this so unknowingly, that way, they are the first to commit racial profiling against whomever they accused and use it to effect peoples ability to work or do their job (like police officers). See it now? Blacks think it’s a golden ticket by claiming racial profiling BUT in the end, this not only adds to their imposed stigmatism, no one wants to be around them (out of fear) and, since anyone who’s different than them is constantly accused/ profiled, the neighborhoods, businesses and basically the entire infrastructure crumbles around them. They are told to cry racism and discrimination first, so no one questions why they continue to stalk the host culture from city to city and state to state, leaving a trail of death. The government will bring them in on buses to finish destroying locations that are still peaceful and in tact. They know that acting abnormally, yelling, threatening, name calling, physical violence is all very irritating and offensive, they were conditioned to act this way and serve the function of a mobile irritant and this never ending process keeps escalating and getting worse (designed this way). The logic is pretty simple once laid out, fracture a country by every human difference possible like race, ethnicity, religion etc. Lie to each or them, tell them that they are each hated by the other groups and to overreact in certain circumstances, nationally instigate violence through the media then throw them all together in person and see what you get. This results in feudalism as long as the people don’t recognize that it’s all staged.

Aside from whats obvious to the victims of this irritation, certain groups of people are jailed in higher numbers, not just for breaking the laws (conditioned to do) but to further condition them for the bigger vision. Living in jail can be rough but living with others that are also trained to act like animals means the survivors are the toughest. Through fake claims of budget problems, America (and other countries) are seeing excuses why these animals will be released back on to the streets to continue their tirade. The national media has agreed to hide the future crimes that will be committed by these people and stigmatize/ slander anyone who try’s to go public with warnings or proof of whats happened. If videos do show up on the internet (like this one) the media will refuse to air it and down play it if it ever gets real national attention. Meanwhile, they will continue to report everything else on a racial tilt and on a daily basis, encourage and publicly justify predatory behavior to the host country/ culture. Make taking pride in certain cultures as difficult as possible

Only a fool would claim they don’t see the multi-layered attacks happening to all Caucasian cultures/ countries right now. The only way to kill Caucasian cultures globally is to contaminate and fracture the countries from within. This is why a strategically designed and euphemistic “multicultural” movement was built to corrode entire countries then used to infect them. This was designed to completely erase the ethnic identity in each of these countries, just like whats happened to France. It’s paralyzed free speech through public brainwashing/ slander, disproportionate crime coverage and polarized law enforcement and government channels that ensure balance and justice. Each race and ethnicity involved is stigmatized in different ways to make them hostile, defensive, irritating, offensive and through multiple rounds of subconscious conditioning, had various triggers installed in them so large scale attacks and animal behavior can be used on command as a weapon. These people are conditioned for conflict, to make political messes, to cause violence and destruction. They were conditioned to be predators then brought and released in to peaceful societies by the millions. They were conditioned to view everything from a conflictive point of view, not a rational one which is used by the locals. The worlds best countries were purposely saturated with people who require 24 x 7 policing, that way the population can be denied services, weakened physically/ financially. Most importantly, this provides an excuse to declare martial law  in all Caucasian countries (happening now) to accelerate genocide. Entire populations are ordered to be tolerant of unacceptable behavior, pay no attention to the murders and ignore the cultural vandalism taking place in broad daylight. Knowing it’s impossible, they were told to work towards peace as  a distraction and to keep their eyes off of the real capitalist enemies. This was not designed to achieve peace, this is designed to ruin countries and spark civil wars, there won’t be peace until this process has been reversed, each country has been healed and the correct way of life has been returned for the domiciled ethnicity. The success of this infiltration is based on people waiting on a stalled government, to succeed, people must form new channels for justice, organize for cultural defense and protection. People must understand that their governments are being controlled through their financial obligations, couple that with the owners of the media and see this for what it is, prepare to make a stand against Zionism.


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