The 1st Color Privilege Checklist

I finally had time to take a few minutes and construct a Color Privilege checklist based on the same Schizophrenic mentality that the White Privilege checklist was based on. See how easy this is? I really could have made HUNDREDS but this is just too obvious. The Zimmerman case is a good example of current events… 🙂 Maybe one day, people of color will practice true equality and treat everyone the same. One comparison is how a person of color won’t recognize a white persons ethnicity (like they do when referring to brown people). White people are grouped/ criminalized as one group regardless of what country they are in or ethnicity they are from BUT wouldn’t true equality mean that “Brown People” be referred to the same way? Just thought I would throw out a balanced thought..

The Color Privilege Checklist

1.When you can use Twitter to publicly put a “ hit “ on old people and not be pursued for attempted murder (Spike Lee).

2.When you can issue a bounty publicly and not be pursued for attempted murder (Black Panther Party).

3.When you can use your hatred for white people to claim that a brown murderer is white (Zimmerman).

4.When you can lecture people on the invisible benefits of being white, even though it would be lying to say you have even one second worth of first hand experience.

5.When your people still practice slavery, but instead of accepting their guilt, they stigmatize the only race who began the process of making it illegal.

6.When you claim to be a victim of slavery for (lucrative reasons) but in reality, you have not done anything to stop it (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton) proving that you don’t really care at all.

7.When you take pride in “Pimping” (sex slavery) but dually claim to be a victim of slavery.

8.When you not only get away with murder, but make a lucrative Hollywood drama out of your court case, and then proceed to write a self-indulgent book on how you did it, while eluding justice (O.J.).

9.When your racial norm is to rape (including babies) but to demand others not to view you as inherently rapist (good example is Democratic Republic of Congo).

10.When you can get mad at people for locking their doors to protect them selves, because it makes what you want to do to them harder to carry out.

11.When nationally televised calls for your Genocide are not categorized as a terrorist threat.

12.When the domiciled culture of America is told to ignore the death stare.

13.When you can deny human rights to your women and even set them on fire and it can be justified with your “color reasoning”.

14.When you are unhappy with your own identity and self anoint one of an entirely different ethnicity without consideration for their loss or promoting their genocide.

15.When you can claim that American, is a “part time” position as you are American only, part of the time (when profitable) and the other, you claim an unrelated ethnicity.

16.When you can say with confidence that claiming two unrelated identities is not two-faced.

17.When your rewarded for the struggle you faced trying to convince people your American, (While flying the wrong flag).

18.When the level of aggression that you operate with, is not returned back to you by others.

19.When you can claim that Mexican is not different than American.

20.When you can excuse your savage behavior and say it’s because you are poor, even though manners are free.

21.When the government only offers “non white” subsidies, programs, scholarships and encouraged growth.

22.When you can openly practice “white face” without equal scruitney.

23.When you are referred to in a rhetorical way as a “minority” instead of an accurate way, which is a foreigner.

24.When you claim that you are poor or in jail because you are a minority, even though there are plenty of minorities who are rich and stay out of trouble (Asian etc)

25.When the media is instructed not to report your crimes.

26.When you can choose public accommodation without fearing that people of your race cannot get in or will be mistreated in the place chosen (most reserved for minorities only) need I say anything about the violence?

27.When neighborhoods just fucking die (globally) after you move in, but no one is allowed to talk about the REAL problem.

28.When you can be sure that if you need legal or medical help that you race will not work against you.

29.When you can arrange to protect your children most of the time from people who may not like them.

30.When colored rich people are not expected to help their own people evolve.

31.When the reason it’s not ok to search you for a bomb or for weapons is because you fit the profile of a terrorist/ criminal.

32.When you can enter illegally, boycott the flag, culture, customs, holidays, history and language of America while claiming to be American.

33When you can exercise anti-white policies (from countries of color) in white countries.

34.When your the beneficiary of every racial tilt in mass media nationally.

35.When you can claim your neighborhood does not have bars on the windows because of people like you. Denying the reality that a neighborhood is either good or bad based on the people who occupy it.

36.When you can legally form a National Association Against Caucasian People (NAACP), in a Caucasian founded country.

37.When social program loopholes are streamlined so your allowed to work under the table (paying no income tax) while collecting maximum amounts of taxpayer funded benefits.

38.When foreigners deconstructing everything your culture has built is painted as “progress” or “diversity” by the media.

39.When your only purpose here is to fracture, destroy and interrupt the enculturation process of American children.

40.When your allowed to act like an animal, without being treated like one.

41.When your only social expectation is to make a mess, not clean it up.

42.When your not denied living immersed in your culture and surrounded by your people if you choose to do so.

43.When your colored pass can sidestep the credit/ legal system so your not held responsible for your irresponsible record like Americans are.

44.When it’s a “norm” for your shortfalls to be the fault of a different race.

45.When your not publicly degraded for saying Nigger but use it as a means for generating billions in annual profits (FOR DECADES).

46.When equality to you, means different sets of laws for different races (double standards).

47.When equality to you means “whites last” not only in countries of color, but in white countries as well.

48.When brown people are considered a minority, even though they are the global majority.

49.When your not fired because of your color not meeting a “quota”.

50.When you gain acceptance to universities based on your race, not academic performance.

51.When neutrality is disabled so you can promote the cause of foreign loyalty to erode America.

52.When you can stigmatize 100% of Americans for slavery, even though the 99% never participated.

53.When you can ignore who truly started slavery (see Arab/ Jewish slave trade, still going) and blame the wrong population.

54.When Indians can claim both being the first ones in America, but admit to being the first to commit Genocide ( Si-Te-Cah, red haired Giants in America first, but exterminated by Indians)

55. When the schools/ Universities don’t make your racial degradation standard curriculum (white privilege).

56. When you can demand compensation when others (uncontrollable) animal instinct of “suspicion” is activated around you.

57.When you can consider the elite Jews your ally for erasing national identities globally and misusing your darkness to carry out Genocide.


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