Black Privilege Checklist

Kudos to a follower on exposing more institutional racism !! Other commenters/ blogs point out that “colored privilege” is not specific enough when addressing  black privilege so here is a  black privilege checklist submitted from a viewer (good work). Bringing awareness to “Black Privileges” the same public way they point out other peoples “privileges” will help them realize what they have taken for granted and they are clearly over looking.  The next time someone of color accuses white people of being the privileged ones, point out what they are clearly overlooking and feel free to ask them. Do they feel “privileged” having the opportunity to live a white lifestyle? Are they enjoying Western (white) style clothes, housing, education, language, society, culture, medical services, freedoms, cultural perks etc. ? Do they feel honored living in a country built by white people for white people? Do they like the fact that every one lets it “slide” when they practice “white face” and bleach their skin and hair, wear blue contacts or dress like a white person in a suit and tie ? Pointing out that they are clearly enjoying the best of someone else’s culture may remind them to be thankful and not behave in ways that are unwelcome here.

* Blacks have the right to take pride in their race. Whites don’t.

* Blacks can never be racist. Whites are always racist, even if they don’t try to be.

* Blacks get to play the race card. Whites don’t.

* Blacks never have to feel guilty about being black. Whites are trained to feel guilty about being white.

* Blacks have the right to make blacks only organizations like the Black Student Union and the Congressional Black Caucus. Whites don’t.

* Blacks have the right to never take responsibility for their own actions. Anything bad which happens to a black person can be blamed on racism or white people. Whites have to take responsibility and apologize for their actions.

* Rich black people have a right to be rich. Rich white people don’t.

* Black people have the right to demonize white people. White people don’t have the right to demonize black people.

* Black people are excused when they are prejudiced against white people. White people are never excused for prejudice against black people.

* Black people are a “protected class.” White people are not.

* Violent crimes by whites on blacks are “hate crimes.” Violent crimes by blacks on whites are just regular crimes.

* Blacks have the right to affirmative action and minority set-asides. Whites have to earn their positions.

* Blacks have the right to support programs from the government. White people don’t.

* Blacks are “cool.” Whites are  “rednecks.”

* Black men are sexual supermen. White men are sexually inadequate. Black men have huge penises. White men have small, inadequate penises.

* Blacks have “civil rights”. Whites don’t.

* Blacks are in prison because of racism. Whites are in prison because they’re criminals.

* Black jury members have the right to acquit criminals, if they’re black.

* Blacks have the right to put a halt to any policy, statement, symbol, statistic, outcome, word or expression they find offensive. Whites have no such rights.

* Blacks are morally superior to whites.

* “[Blacks] enjoy cultural cache around the world as victors over oppression and the hard reality of what that looks like at this point in world history. The music that they enjoy, the clothes that they wear, their very mannerisms carry a certain amount of gravitas.”

* Blacks can assign collective racial guilt to “you white folks.” White people cannot do the reverse because that would be racist.

* Blacks have “black culture.” Whites are not allowed to have white culture.

* African-American studies is a celebration of blackness and black culture. Whiteness studies is a demonization of white people and white culture.

* White people need to undergo diversity/sensitivity training. Black people don’t.

* “… any generalization–favorable or unfavorable–about any minority that someone does not like is by definition “racist” and deserves to be suppressed–as long as it is said by a white person. Black diversity consultants, in contrast, can parade, without a shred of empirical evidence, the grossest racial and ethnic stereotypes with virtual impunity.”

* It’s racist to point out racism by blacks. It’s never racist to point out racism by whites.

* Whites have to walk on eggshells around blacks. Blacks don’t give a shit what whites think.

* Blacks have the right to riot and commit violent acts in response to perceived grievances. White people have to obey the law at all times.

* Blacks have the right to never be portrayed as criminals or low-lifes in films or on TV. Bad guys on the screen must always be white.

* Blacks have the right to never be ridiculed, mocked, belittled or laughed at. Whites have no such right.

* Black criminals have the right to have their race censored in media reports.

* Facts which cause blacks embarrassment or cast them in a bad light must be suppressed. Facts which cause whites embarrassment or cast them in a bad light are reported as is.

* Blacks can silence and intimidate whites by calling them racist. Whites can’t silence and intimidate blacks because that would be racist.

* Forcing whitey to apologize shows black power and clout. Whites can never force blacks to apologize because that would constitute a lynching.

* Whites are held to a system of ‘sensitivity’ requirements that do not apply to blacks.

* “Whites are monitored, pestered, and punished for preposterous reasons–for a look, for an innocent word, for wearing a T-shirt, for expressing a plausible argument–but blacks can say almost anything with perfect impunity.”

* “In discussions of race between black people and white people the conscious black person is always right; is always the ultimate authority on questions having to do with race and racism; must always be regarded as the ‘injured party,’ or the oppressed. . . . [Whites] cannot possibly be expected to be objective about questions of race.”

* Blacks may work for explicitly racial goals but whites may not.

* Blacks are permitted to notice race. Whites are not.

* “It is quite acceptable for either party to explicitly go after the black, Hispanic, or even the Jewish vote. In fact both parties gain an indispensable moral authority by doing so. But it is absolutely verboten for either party, or any white candidate, to appeal to whites as a racial identity group. Racial identity is simply forbidden to whites in America and across the entire Western world. Black children today are hammered with the idea of racial identity and pride, yet racial pride in whites constitutes a grave evil. Say ‘I’m white and I’m proud’ and you are a Nazi.”

* A black person who punches a white person is a hero standing up to oppression. A white person who punches a black person is a racist.

* It can be publicly admitted that blacks are superior to whites in certain pursuits (i.e. basketball). It can never be publicly admitted that whites are superior to blacks in other pursuits (i.e. winning Nobel prizes in science).

* When blacks are overrepresented in a desirable field, it is due to their abilities. When whites are overrepresented in a desirable field, it is due to racism. When blacks are overrepresented in an undesirable field, it is due to racism. When whites are overrepresented in an undesirable field, it is their own fault.


If We Only Knew

If the domiciled culture(s) broadly understood the direct impact of natural selection and survival, the “unnatural selection” which has been quietly promoted for decades would not have had such a big head-start and this “Trojan Horse” would have been dealt with appropriately in the beginning. Asking Australians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Germans, Swiss etc, what will happen to them when their entire society is converted to select against them like schools, universities, jobs ? We currently see what 20-40% looks like as they word the discrimination of native people as “reserved for minorities”. Once the percentage is high enough, simple starvation, incarceration and the violence of various predatory cultures is all that’s needed to complete genocide. Notice that every law or policy is designed to fracture the solidarity of the “host” country, not of the parasitic groups whom are imported, only one group, the domiciled ethnicity. Aside from sorting through mountains of confusion, it seems that the main fight for host countries is to keep their traditions and way of life “ethnicity” alive for their children. Sadly, not enough of them can figure out why something so simple which has been done for hundreds of years has been turned into such a near impossible task while at the same time, subsidized and made so easy for their unwanted guests. It’s really confusing when the government wont tell you the reason they want to stop the enculturation of your children.

Not enough of us know that a euphemism is designed to waste time and serve as a distraction so your enemy can operate unnoticed. Multiculturalism is one of these euphemisms, this globally coordinated movement was forced on multiple countries simultaneously against the will of the people. Multiculturalism is a slanted name for genocide as you will notice that not one of these host countries are allowed to take steps to ensure the survival of their culture nor remain in control of their cultural property/ knowledge. Note that each of these countries already has entire cities where their ethnicity has been fully eradicated and a large percentage of any city they occupy now. Logically thinking about why someone would fracture then over dilute a country suggests that the only way to kill a powerful ethnicity is by blending it away until it’s gone (genocide). It should be the decision of the people if they want to forfeit their most precious possession (ethnic identity), yet they were never asked, got a chance to vote, warned or compensated. People need to Identify the reasons that their life/ ethnic identity is being given away to people who want to destroy it. They need to know the reasons that the only ethnic attacks they witness are the attacks against their own culture. They need to know why the self defense of the entire domiciled culture is over stigmatized in the media and painted as a crime. They must know that the government wont tell them how many murders, crimes and other forms of vandalism (including cultural) to expect from their unwanted guest. They won’t even allow them to keep a total or track these crimes.

Governments are composed of educated and highly skilled people usually containing a minimal level of expertise. They know that different groups of people want different living environments, they know that putting opposing groups together will result in fighting, crime, murders, riots etc. They know this and they did this on purpose, in fact, they knew that the only way this infiltration would succeed is by freezing the very government channels that the entire population relies on for justice, making deportations impossible while illegal immigration and childbirth was maximized in every way possible at the same time by the same government. Problems arise for this genocide campaign as the domiciled culture (the one that’s supposed to be there) can not be quietly/ easily drowned in an equal, free and balanced society so certain steps are taken to unbalance this system and make sure the laws are no longer “neutral” as that cuts both ways and defends the culture being attacked. This way, the government will keep importing trouble and problems and the media will gladly over react in an effort to stop the people from talking about it. Because talking about it or debating is what can destroy this movement.

Freedom of speech makes this movement so difficult that it must be silenced. Now, it can not be completely banned but people can have large amounts of shame directed towards them, or have rumors spread about them for speaking freely. The only way to paralyze freedom of speech is by stigmatizing the entire group of people that you don’t want to speak. Impose a false identity on them that’s shameful or criminal, cause them as much trouble as possible and try to make them paranoid. In 100% of the countries being devoured, the domiciled population is often stigmatized as racist by the media and government, even the foreigners themselves have been trained to bully people by calling them names like this. Why can’t any of them prove it? The accuser has always had the “burden of proof” but that makes these false claims impossible to carry out so it’s not required when you want to call people certain names. To make this mind game even more confusing, the foreigners were taught a different meaning of racism, they were taught that anything that’s different that them, their culture or slows down their infiltration is racist and to destroy it. This guaranties they will behave like a predator and constantly attack the culture of the host country on every level and in every way possible. This explains the attacks on the people, customs, holidays, traditions, language, flag, businesses, schools, curriculum, sports, events, children, history, future and ultimately it’s an attack on the very existence. These attacks serve a second function, that is to make attacks on the domiciled culture a new “norm” in the culture of the offenders. It was uncomfortable for them at first, so the schools helped them out by promoting certain lies like “white privilege” or distorting the history of slavery and the media also helps them be more comfortable with these attacks because they make it known that no one will tell on them and they even race bait them by showing carefully calculated stories aimed to upset the foreigners. As more and more of these immigrants openly and racially attack, then even more of them feel comfortable joining in to increase the overall numbers of attacks. Pretty soon, these one way racial attacks are considered a “norm” and acceptable behavior which is how they usher in national white oppression in a white country (which will not end until the last woman and child are gone). This is also why you don’t see equal criticism or even a defense from the host country/ culture while they are mauled by their enemy. Another stalling tactic used is telling the victims to ignore the death stare from the foreigners (only the walking dead would do that).

Hyper denial (willful blindness) is needed to maximize the amount of time that’s wasted and stall while they grow the opposing population (those opposed to the domiciled culture). Rhetorical answers are often coupled with more pointless euphemisms and then stalled even further by blaming the dysfunctional government channels that have been purposely frozen to ensure justice can’t be provided. Ironic how the government can claim they are unable to move and defend their countrymen yet jump lightning fast when defending the infiltrators (many inconsistencies). To keep tensions as high as possible and through a multi-layered project involving the education system, media, corporations, public and various government offices. A button or trigger is installed in various groups of people through different sorts or conditioning so basically, certain “magic words” or a particular type of news article or event can set off riots and uncontrollable violence. Good example in the states is using nigger, if the media showed only one person use that whom was not black, millions would riot within minutes, broadcasting interracial altercations will do the same as well. The point is, that it took a long time to install these various buttons in various ethnic groups but since mass media controls it, a number of different levers can be pulled to cause any different number of things to happen. With the press of a button, you can cause nation wide murders, strikes, vandalism, riots, beatings and the list keeps going. Do you think these groups of people ever stop to realize that these control mechanisms were installed to use them like a tool, or to keep them in a certain rank like a caste system? Sadly the answer is no, this was designed to work in conjunction with anger knowing that people don’t think logically when they are mad, they only focus on vengeance. Maybe certain colors of people don’t realize that every time this button is pressed (causing violence) that it feeds the negative stereotype they have spent their life trying to escape and makes it worse. Was this designed to work like a snare? You bet it was !

Not many people recognize the fact their entire country and culture are deeply immersed in a large scale psychopathic mind game, the different groups/ ethnicities involved don’t even recognize the special ways they have been trained. Blacks are brainwashed to think they are being racially profiled if they get investigated/ arrested (guilty or not) so they have been trained to accuse whom ever pursued them of racial profiling. Blacks don’t realize they were “conditioned” to do this so unknowingly, that way, they are the first to commit racial profiling against whomever they accused and use it to effect peoples ability to work or do their job (like police officers). See it now? Blacks think it’s a golden ticket by claiming racial profiling BUT in the end, this not only adds to their imposed stigmatism, no one wants to be around them (out of fear) and, since anyone who’s different than them is constantly accused/ profiled, the neighborhoods, businesses and basically the entire infrastructure crumbles around them. They are told to cry racism and discrimination first, so no one questions why they continue to stalk the host culture from city to city and state to state, leaving a trail of death. The government will bring them in on buses to finish destroying locations that are still peaceful and in tact. They know that acting abnormally, yelling, threatening, name calling, physical violence is all very irritating and offensive, they were conditioned to act this way and serve the function of a mobile irritant and this never ending process keeps escalating and getting worse (designed this way). The logic is pretty simple once laid out, fracture a country by every human difference possible like race, ethnicity, religion etc. Lie to each or them, tell them that they are each hated by the other groups and to overreact in certain circumstances, nationally instigate violence through the media then throw them all together in person and see what you get. This results in feudalism as long as the people don’t recognize that it’s all staged.

Aside from whats obvious to the victims of this irritation, certain groups of people are jailed in higher numbers, not just for breaking the laws (conditioned to do) but to further condition them for the bigger vision. Living in jail can be rough but living with others that are also trained to act like animals means the survivors are the toughest. Through fake claims of budget problems, America (and other countries) are seeing excuses why these animals will be released back on to the streets to continue their tirade. The national media has agreed to hide the future crimes that will be committed by these people and stigmatize/ slander anyone who try’s to go public with warnings or proof of whats happened. If videos do show up on the internet (like this one) the media will refuse to air it and down play it if it ever gets real national attention. Meanwhile, they will continue to report everything else on a racial tilt and on a daily basis, encourage and publicly justify predatory behavior to the host country/ culture. Make taking pride in certain cultures as difficult as possible

Only a fool would claim they don’t see the multi-layered attacks happening to all Caucasian cultures/ countries right now. The only way to kill Caucasian cultures globally is to contaminate and fracture the countries from within. This is why a strategically designed and euphemistic “multicultural” movement was built to corrode entire countries then used to infect them. This was designed to completely erase the ethnic identity in each of these countries, just like whats happened to France. It’s paralyzed free speech through public brainwashing/ slander, disproportionate crime coverage and polarized law enforcement and government channels that ensure balance and justice. Each race and ethnicity involved is stigmatized in different ways to make them hostile, defensive, irritating, offensive and through multiple rounds of subconscious conditioning, had various triggers installed in them so large scale attacks and animal behavior can be used on command as a weapon. These people are conditioned for conflict, to make political messes, to cause violence and destruction. They were conditioned to be predators then brought and released in to peaceful societies by the millions. They were conditioned to view everything from a conflictive point of view, not a rational one which is used by the locals. The worlds best countries were purposely saturated with people who require 24 x 7 policing, that way the population can be denied services, weakened physically/ financially. Most importantly, this provides an excuse to declare martial law  in all Caucasian countries (happening now) to accelerate genocide. Entire populations are ordered to be tolerant of unacceptable behavior, pay no attention to the murders and ignore the cultural vandalism taking place in broad daylight. Knowing it’s impossible, they were told to work towards peace as  a distraction and to keep their eyes off of the real capitalist enemies. This was not designed to achieve peace, this is designed to ruin countries and spark civil wars, there won’t be peace until this process has been reversed, each country has been healed and the correct way of life has been returned for the domiciled ethnicity. The success of this infiltration is based on people waiting on a stalled government, to succeed, people must form new channels for justice, organize for cultural defense and protection. People must understand that their governments are being controlled through their financial obligations, couple that with the owners of the media and see this for what it is, prepare to make a stand against Zionism.

Why Calling Me Racist Does Not Work Anymore!

  The Decline of the Race Card

Riding the public rail (scary enough) I was talking on my cell to a friend about something stupid like where to go or what to do when an eaves dropper (Middle Eastern) commented to his companion (intended so I can hear him) that, that sounded racist, then cracked a grin while looking back at me. Since he locked eyes with me while saying it (to savor his little attack) I asked him, so what if it is? What the hell are you going to do about it !? He looked confused, I asked him, do you hear that slight tearing sound? Maybe your race card being torn up? I burst out in laughter and then I checked to make sure that he understood that his opinion no longer matters, not to expect anything from me as the days of tap dancing, or exhausting my self trying to prove how un-racist I am are over, wasting my time feeling obligated to change his opinion have officially ended. I let him know that I am well aware of the White Slave Trade and Caucasian slaves owned by his people (forbidden in schools), and the real reason he feels he can mark the “white” box on the census (through generations of raping Caucasian slaves). Don’t get it twisted people, Americans/ Europeans have been lied to about the struggles of our people. So, the next time someone threatens to call you a racist, tell them it’s already been done, that you could care less and then ask them what else they got. There is nothing left to say !!! Then you can tell them that does not work anymore, they can no longer get free shit by calling you that and now you can insult them back for attacking you !! Because if you don’t care, then their mind game does not work (and they can’t control you if you don’t participate). See how this works?

Americans (Caucasians) have been “duped” they concealed our real history, paranoid us, psyched us out and then bullied us solely on the threat of people threatening to call us a racist and I am amazed this has worked for so long !!!! To simply explain this, Caucasians world wide (including those not born yet) were officially labeled racist (a long time ago) by various movements like the latest “White Privilege” campaign, Tim Wise (Jew), Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and they made it very clear that there is nothing Caucasian people can do to change this imposed identity, or their minds. So, have it your way then, why should we try? What the hell are they going to do about it !? According to this twisted ideology, It’s not even based on my actions or what I do, I’m really not even in control of whether I am a racist or not (that’s decided by the people who hate me, my culture and my race). You see, our parents taught us to be trusting, go out of our way to help and also to repair any guilt so knowing that Caucasian culture is built on these things, they assume that I feel obligated to go to unreachable lengths to try and prove them wrong, waste my whole life, give up my ethnic identity, forfeit my country, culture and even commit Genocide because wanting to have babies that are the same as me is racist, continuing my people (according to them) is racist. Sadly, most of my people don’t recognize this evil trick and play a game that can not be won. A lot of people don’t logically think of what it takes to change the mind of a psychopath who hates you for who you are, could you ever give or do enough? No, you can’t. I soon realized that I don’t have to play their game and emancipated my self from their claims, nothing obligates me to argue about it, nothing obligates me to even pay any attention to them. Whats left for them to do that they have not already done? NOTHING, so I figured, me, a racist? Sure !!! What ever is easiest !!!! So, I threw a coming out party ! Life has been way easier ever since, fearing no more repercussion because they already played their hand (SPENT IT) and have nothing left to threaten me with. This means that I no longer have to care what they think or say, I don’t have to waste my time trying to change their opinion of me, within a split second, it’s all came to an end and I guess being a racist is nothing like I thought it would be, we must have different meanings for racist because I think being an alcoholic was a worse experience but nothing really changed and I’m still the same old me. The beauty is that I can say terrible things just like black people (if I ever wanted to) and they no longer have a way to stop my freedom of speech, there is nothing left for them to call me, there is nothing paralyzing my freedom of speech anymore, remember? Racist has already happened, got anything else left in your arsenal?!?!? Thought so !!!!!! The true beauty is that freedom of speech has been lifted from the ghetto and returned to it’s rightful owner (an American) and I can now argue against what I don’t like, and return fire when my culture is attacked. Beautiful right?!? I’ll explain more about their mind game later but want to cover a recent example.

Using fairly current events is the easiest way to unmask the stratification of Americans inside our own country. In January, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has an national circus made out of a comment “I might have tacos”. Maybe he was trying to crack a joke or meant it as being funny? It does not matter because no one cared to clarify if it was innocent or not but more importantly he was so highly stigmatized by the national media that he ended up resigning. Compare this to Marion Barry whom after winning the Democratic Primary for his Ward 8 City Council seat said “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.” Which comment is worse by comparison? Claiming you will have tacos for dinner which MAY be taken as a non funny insult, or openly calling to exterminate Asians from your community? However, since Marion is black (colored privilege) he was able to make a simple apology and be done with the issue all in one day but not Dannel, oh no, the media created a firestorm, Mexicans came all the way up from Texas to deliver hundreds of tacos to his office in protest and when he made numerous public apologies, they were rejected (unlike Marion Barrys 1 apology). I guess the unrecognized mentality of,” nothing you do will ever be enough to change my opinion of you” has been successfully installed without being noticed. Americans recognize they have been put on a terribly uneven racial slope but can’t quite put their finger on whats wrong here, and truthfully, it’s near impossible to recognize and then survive a quietly launched and schizophrenic mind game once your so deeply immersed in it. I am a survivor of such mind-games and I see right through this.

If I were in Dannel’s position, I would ask the media exactly what they think they can do to me if they call me a racist? Exactly why am I supposed to care what you say? Exactly how can you make me participate in an argument with you? Can the media fire me from my job? Hell no! They label everyone a racist, besides, the people who elected Dannel would not have recalled him anyway, the end result was that this PC mind game was used as a weapon and it worked, all because they threatened to label him a racist and in the end, did it anyway, at least he would still have his job if he realized they were just psyching him out. I’m sure that he is still in shock about losing his career but has he even realized that this was just a trick to psych him out?

I find it mind blowing that the indigenous people of Europe (Caucasians) can be arrested, prosecuted and even have their children removed for suspicion of being a racist even though a legal and neutral definition of racist or racism has not been established by the courts. The reason a NEUTRAL definition won’t be established is because it can cut BOTH WAYS and be used as a defense of the predatory behavior that’s encouraged towards European culture. The UN uses the definition of racist discrimination as follows. “Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life”.

Now, there are many moving parts to this puzzle which took decades to be installed inch by inch but for simplicity sake, I’ll focus on the last line talking about fundamental freedoms. I consider the fundamental freedom of speech to me of most importance. Since our founders experienced the same forms of persecution that Europe has revived against it’s people today, they wrote it as clearly and undeniably as possible that freedom of speech is a right that will never be denied to their future generations of Americans. Making it near impossible to overtake and corrode America, how can someone get around this hurdle? Well, you can not end freedom of speech all together but you can paralyze it by stigmatizing it so badly that people fear (think) the consequences of exercising freedom of speech make it too risky and affect your ability to survive, this case uses job loss as the example. This accomplishes more than one task, taking away the voice of indigenous Europeans/ Americans ensures that their society only recognizes the concerns of foreigners/ outsiders. Media (through national reach) encourages predatory behavior/ attacks by broadcasting this new set of public norms first by showing that the will of the domiciled culture will starve compared to the will of the unwanted/ foreign, but secondly that the indigenous group will be overly punished for so little as expressing concern or god forbid, equal levels of criticism. Predatory behavior is being encouraged through the latest “White Privilege” campaign administered as school curriculum and while so called Democratic governments act against the will of their people, they are outnumbered by foreigners who are systemically trained to hunt us and destroy their cultural structure and existence. Ask yourself this question, in the year 2012, is EVERYONE free to speak their mind without fear or recourse or can only certain colors of people do this?

I don’t mean to make light of this by referring to it as simply as a “mind game” but it is constructed to make your natural environment select against you, which in turn leads to your demise (Darwin). Good example is how Americans are rejected in favor of minorities for every aspect of their life. The immigration system has been weaponized and is being misused against the American people in the most sitheous of ways. It’s nearly impossible to argue on the slope of unreasonable reasoning so climbing in to the head of a psycho (scary place) to use reasoning as combat for their unreasonableness is designed to fail. This whole agenda was designed as a stalling tactic by stunning people and then making them panic and attempt to argue their innocence using unreasonable reasoning, sound crazy? It’s completely psycho and the scary thing is that it’s coming from a high level within the government.

Americans are so scared of being labeled as a racist that they go out of their way to behave in ways unnatural to them and help ungrateful and offensive people while being insulted in the process. Americans are told that if they don’t sacrifice their entire culture and country that was built for them that they are racist and therefore they should give everything away to foreigners and even commit Genocide because the sole existence of Caucasian people is racist. So, out of shock, people actually do it, because they panic and skip the first step of realizing that they labeled you racist last week, what can they call you moving forward? That’s the only reason this mind game works. Caucasian culture is based on trust, obligation and decency, “they” know we follow the rules and will feel obligated to prove them wrong so they carefully twist their threat so they can get things from you in the process (like tricking your little brother or sister in to doing your chores). Simply informing them you no longer care what they think brings death to this old mind weapon. The recent “White Privilege” global campaign was designed to accelerate this and the leaders of this movement like Tim Wise (Jew) say that all white people are racist, even their unborn children are already considered racist and white people are expected to go to unreachable lengths to forever prove how not racist they are or else he will call them a racist. Here is what a lot of people over look, Its already been done (not as painful as you thought, was it?) The worst is all over, said and done. You see, this psycho didn’t count on people recognizing that he already played his hand, he has NOTHING LEFT, he labeled you a racist a long time ago, what else can he do? Nothing else. He used the threat of labeling you a racist, to control you and make you do unnatural things but since he already spent his “race threat” then whats left to control people with? NADA !!!!!!!!!!

You can’t control other peoples opinion of you so don’t spend your life or all of your resources trying to do so. Since everyone already thinks your racist, now you are free to say the same controversial things that black people say and, who cares? What are they going to do to you, call you racist? They are too late, it’s already been done ! Have 20 kids (just to piss them off), tell people that you are suspicious of them and call someone out if they are trying to lie and pass for an American, hell, no one gave foreigners permission to erase our ethnic identity !!! Tell these people that they ruined your neighborhood, state and country, tell them that if they attack your culture, that you can now return fire, for Tim Wise has already decreed that everyone (including the unborn) are racist and no more can happen to you, IT’S OVER !! My fellow Americans, this is LIBERATION from the PC that paralyzed us from defending the vandalism of our culture/ country. Worried about others thinking you are racist? Don’t be worried about what they think and don’t wast your time trying to change their mind (that’s what this game was designed to make you do) Lets say that racists did in fact exist as a group or entire ethnicity of people, does that anoint a separate group of people to then marginalize, infiltrate their culture, deny human rights and deconstruct an entire collection of behavioral norms, beliefs, (Genocide) based on their “opinion” ? Absolutely NOT !!! The racists are humans too and WILL head the call to war!!! In fact, this only went as far as it did because people were fearing fear itself (psyched out). By the “white privilege” movement pre-stigmatizing everyone as a racist, there is absolutely nothing holding people back anymore, now you can say what you want and nothing worse can be done or said that hasn’t already happened. So if a Mexican calls you a racist, call them a Latinophile and tell them to stop impersonating an American, remind them of the “San Diego Plan 1915”, Tell the Indians that you know about the Genocide they committed against the white giants that were here BEFORE they arrived. If a Black calls you a racist, call him a rapist, if a white slave owning middle eastern calls you a racist, call him a terrorist, then let them know that you will never recognize them as white just because they raped your ancestors!!

For those fighting this battle in Europe, your situation is tougher, expose the Arab,Muslim and Jewish owned white slave trade and DEMAND REPARATIONS for past wrongs! Demand your government revive the history of white slaves and the suffrage of your people!! Recognize that your government has been turned in to a “stalling tactic” and organize out side of it, in the streets as the truth will destroy them. Tell them that nothing they do will ever be good enough, even dying will not fix the atrocities of enslaving our people! Demand that they forfeit their wealth made off the backs of our people! Every time an Arab, Muslim or Jew talks shit to you scream at them in public and demand they make good for the past slavery, torture and rape of the European people and their cultures! Let them know that they can NOT erase YOUR ethnic identity and you WILL NEVER recognize them as Europeans! A neutral legal definition of racism (recognized by the courts) will CUT BOTH WAYS and restore balance (this is why it does not currently exist), Since people are being prosecuted and arrested for racism, I’d say it’s high time the courts legally define the neutral definition of racism. Gaining the legal recognition of predatory behavior is also a must, as your culture is attacked on all levels, it’s ability to survive depends on your ability to return fire in defense. If the government insists on outnumbering you by importing predators, they will need to revamp their expired system to accommodate this new era and be able to properly distinguish people whom act like predators. Make it known that predatory behavior is not welcome in your country and neither are racial or ethnic attacks on your culture !!!

If “they” call you a racist, don’t fight it, tell them you had a big coming out party already and ask them if they have any questions for you. Most importantly, don’t feel that you owe them anything (that’s what they are counting on for this to work). Tell blacks whining about slavery to persecute the 1% (Jews) who did it, not the bottom 99% who didn’t participate, and if they ever want to know the truth, they can research the Arab/ Jewish slave trade for them selves (its still going today). Tell them to research the White Slave Trade. Tell them to not to call you a white but recognize the different ethnicities of Caucasian people (the same way they do with brown people). Let them know that all white people are not the same and American is a blood line, not a careless choice outsiders can make.  Point out that you are [American] but they have to hyphenate, and let them figure out why they are a hyphenated/ American on their own (its because they are faux).. To all of the people whom read this, Organize in your communities and if the people of color want you to be a racist then go public and let them know that you will be what ever they want you to be !! Ask them if they can hear that “tearing sound” .. And let them know that you are not going to put up with their shit anymore either! Begin living again and be truly FREE, talk to your neighbor and begin organizing to make your voices heard, in the darkest subway or a ghetto alley, Americans can let it be known that we are now free to fight back and begin the healing process of our country/ culture. The Anti-Americans can expect return fire every time they attack our culture in a predatory way.

The 1st Color Privilege Checklist

I finally had time to take a few minutes and construct a Color Privilege checklist based on the same Schizophrenic mentality that the White Privilege checklist was based on. See how easy this is? I really could have made HUNDREDS but this is just too obvious. The Zimmerman case is a good example of current events… 🙂 Maybe one day, people of color will practice true equality and treat everyone the same. One comparison is how a person of color won’t recognize a white persons ethnicity (like they do when referring to brown people). White people are grouped/ criminalized as one group regardless of what country they are in or ethnicity they are from BUT wouldn’t true equality mean that “Brown People” be referred to the same way? Just thought I would throw out a balanced thought..

The Color Privilege Checklist

1.When you can use Twitter to publicly put a “ hit “ on old people and not be pursued for attempted murder (Spike Lee).

2.When you can issue a bounty publicly and not be pursued for attempted murder (Black Panther Party).

3.When you can use your hatred for white people to claim that a brown murderer is white (Zimmerman).

4.When you can lecture people on the invisible benefits of being white, even though it would be lying to say you have even one second worth of first hand experience.

5.When your people still practice slavery, but instead of accepting their guilt, they stigmatize the only race who began the process of making it illegal.

6.When you claim to be a victim of slavery for (lucrative reasons) but in reality, you have not done anything to stop it (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton) proving that you don’t really care at all.

7.When you take pride in “Pimping” (sex slavery) but dually claim to be a victim of slavery.

8.When you not only get away with murder, but make a lucrative Hollywood drama out of your court case, and then proceed to write a self-indulgent book on how you did it, while eluding justice (O.J.).

9.When your racial norm is to rape (including babies) but to demand others not to view you as inherently rapist (good example is Democratic Republic of Congo).

10.When you can get mad at people for locking their doors to protect them selves, because it makes what you want to do to them harder to carry out.

11.When nationally televised calls for your Genocide are not categorized as a terrorist threat.

12.When the domiciled culture of America is told to ignore the death stare.

13.When you can deny human rights to your women and even set them on fire and it can be justified with your “color reasoning”.

14.When you are unhappy with your own identity and self anoint one of an entirely different ethnicity without consideration for their loss or promoting their genocide.

15.When you can claim that American, is a “part time” position as you are American only, part of the time (when profitable) and the other, you claim an unrelated ethnicity.

16.When you can say with confidence that claiming two unrelated identities is not two-faced.

17.When your rewarded for the struggle you faced trying to convince people your American, (While flying the wrong flag).

18.When the level of aggression that you operate with, is not returned back to you by others.

19.When you can claim that Mexican is not different than American.

20.When you can excuse your savage behavior and say it’s because you are poor, even though manners are free.

21.When the government only offers “non white” subsidies, programs, scholarships and encouraged growth.

22.When you can openly practice “white face” without equal scruitney.

23.When you are referred to in a rhetorical way as a “minority” instead of an accurate way, which is a foreigner.

24.When you claim that you are poor or in jail because you are a minority, even though there are plenty of minorities who are rich and stay out of trouble (Asian etc)

25.When the media is instructed not to report your crimes.

26.When you can choose public accommodation without fearing that people of your race cannot get in or will be mistreated in the place chosen (most reserved for minorities only) need I say anything about the violence?

27.When neighborhoods just fucking die (globally) after you move in, but no one is allowed to talk about the REAL problem.

28.When you can be sure that if you need legal or medical help that you race will not work against you.

29.When you can arrange to protect your children most of the time from people who may not like them.

30.When colored rich people are not expected to help their own people evolve.

31.When the reason it’s not ok to search you for a bomb or for weapons is because you fit the profile of a terrorist/ criminal.

32.When you can enter illegally, boycott the flag, culture, customs, holidays, history and language of America while claiming to be American.

33When you can exercise anti-white policies (from countries of color) in white countries.

34.When your the beneficiary of every racial tilt in mass media nationally.

35.When you can claim your neighborhood does not have bars on the windows because of people like you. Denying the reality that a neighborhood is either good or bad based on the people who occupy it.

36.When you can legally form a National Association Against Caucasian People (NAACP), in a Caucasian founded country.

37.When social program loopholes are streamlined so your allowed to work under the table (paying no income tax) while collecting maximum amounts of taxpayer funded benefits.

38.When foreigners deconstructing everything your culture has built is painted as “progress” or “diversity” by the media.

39.When your only purpose here is to fracture, destroy and interrupt the enculturation process of American children.

40.When your allowed to act like an animal, without being treated like one.

41.When your only social expectation is to make a mess, not clean it up.

42.When your not denied living immersed in your culture and surrounded by your people if you choose to do so.

43.When your colored pass can sidestep the credit/ legal system so your not held responsible for your irresponsible record like Americans are.

44.When it’s a “norm” for your shortfalls to be the fault of a different race.

45.When your not publicly degraded for saying Nigger but use it as a means for generating billions in annual profits (FOR DECADES).

46.When equality to you, means different sets of laws for different races (double standards).

47.When equality to you means “whites last” not only in countries of color, but in white countries as well.

48.When brown people are considered a minority, even though they are the global majority.

49.When your not fired because of your color not meeting a “quota”.

50.When you gain acceptance to universities based on your race, not academic performance.

51.When neutrality is disabled so you can promote the cause of foreign loyalty to erode America.

52.When you can stigmatize 100% of Americans for slavery, even though the 99% never participated.

53.When you can ignore who truly started slavery (see Arab/ Jewish slave trade, still going) and blame the wrong population.

54.When Indians can claim both being the first ones in America, but admit to being the first to commit Genocide ( Si-Te-Cah, red haired Giants in America first, but exterminated by Indians)

55. When the schools/ Universities don’t make your racial degradation standard curriculum (white privilege).

56. When you can demand compensation when others (uncontrollable) animal instinct of “suspicion” is activated around you.

57.When you can consider the elite Jews your ally for erasing national identities globally and misusing your darkness to carry out Genocide.

White Privilege ?!? Really?!?

A Recent Assignment

It shocked me when I first heard about white privilege, not because the racial stigmatism of white people by the media is not already a daily “norm” but because it is being administered through our academic system. As if being the only student in the class who identifies as American (notice that’s not hyphenated) was not noticeable enough, my Sociology teacher, whom just covered a chapter on the terrible effects of racial degradation, then proceeded to carry it out !! Glorifying what I would call an urban myth, ignoring cultural differences and ethnicities, she referred to “white people” as one group and proceeded to carry on about how there is some pluralistic life happening where “white people” receive unjust privilege. She proceeded to build a one sided argument stating it’s so fantastic that it must be stopped, the problem is that they can’t define it clearly and there is really no material proof either. In fact it’s so hard to explain that “white people” don’t even know about it and can’t tell they are experiencing this high level privilege on a daily basis, so the only way is to get rid of all white people and whiteness (seriously, Genocide ?). She proceeded to run down some cherry picked list (who’s author lacked balanced feedback) containing statements of how random situations are a privilege for someone who is “white”. The introduction also encourages readers to join in the fun, “Write a list of additional ways in which whites are privileged in their school and community setting. Keep a diary for the following week of white privilege that they notice (and in some cases challenge) in their daily lives to share and discus at the following week.”

Sincerely not understanding this concept I glanced over a few items on this list, “ah, here’s one, it read, I can choose public accommodation without fearing that people of my race cannot get in or will be mistreated in the place I have chosen”.. Really?!? So if this list is correct, my whole life experience (growing up in L.A.) has just been a bad figment of imagination? I’m not really poor? The only apartments that I can afford aren’t really reserved for colored only? The neighbor didn’t make a racial slur this morning? Excitingly I thought, “ I don’t really have to worry about getting stabbed when I go home ” ?!?! Seconds before jumping for joy, reality kicked in, This seemed so Orwellian, like using a mirror to stare over your shoulder back at reality (in a reverse and nonfunctional order). In fact, had I not read 1984 previously to encountering this, I would have accused Orwell himself of plagiarism, but having read it (assuming the teacher hasn’t) I understand the concept of “Double Speak” and recognized the discrepancies and lack of balance fairly quickly.

Sitting in awe (mentally digesting this concept) I can say that the teacher paid a disproportionate amount of attention to me while she delivered (what I consider to be) a hypothesis. I’ll assume (since she only has 15 years experience) that she didn’t know this would “race bait” the entire class and cause the offensive comments/ rowdy behavior that rapidly emerged. I decided that it would be best if I left early so they could carry on uninterrupted (with no white people), oh yeah, and to avoid the angry mob. Besides, trying to debate schizophrenic claims with someone who accepts it as “Gospel” was a waste of time and would result in a fail/fail situation, after all, even if I did win the argument (according to her hypothesis) it would not be by merit but because of “white privilege”.

What is “truth” in that world? Or, what defines proof there? Is offering a collection of “slanted statements” a new and acceptable substitute when you can’t prove your claims? I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel some “incentive” to go ahead and participate (survival reasons), so I hit the library and internet. Aside from offensive, I find this “riddle” to be absolutely fascinating. Unmasking the mentality behind this and critically thinking the highly complex but carefully calculated construction of this movement is just, well, my mouth is hanging open while typing this. It really does (in my opinion) require a minimum level of insanity, not only to craft such a sitheous concept but to succeed in convincing the government and the elite to carry it out. Regardless of their color or mental status, I’m impressed by someone who executed what I thought only the Antichrist was capable of. Then, stigmatizing this to such an unstable/ untouchable level so it bears instant damage to those who so much as defend their right to exist makes it almost perfect, (almost) and that’s why I know that this bears human error and is not the work of the Antichrist, (I can’t tell if that disappoints me or not). This “puzzle” is just a complex two headed coin (white is assigned tails) and I really see no need in getting involved in a game that can’t be won because it’s a burden that was invented for a very specific minority group, not white people globally. Besides, there’s a twist that I never saw coming. Would people of color consider it a victory?

Aside from getting off point (sorry) I will (to the best of my ability) explain this in the least complex way as I can. I have already located the root bond between the authors, so called scholars who promoted this in academia and basically anyone else who aided in, and orchestrated this contagion. Questioning what this would take to implement, I naturally looked at who controls our country/countries (in totality) whether it be financially, or through media etc. Now, you can’t just tell people to hate and destroy every aspect of America and tear it all down from within, that would shock anyone whether they are American or not. This system first “race baits” people of color, then tells them that every single aspect of this country is built on this theory of “whiteness” and to challenge it, never assimilate to it and basically destroy every aspect of it. Maybe they don’t stop to think that since nothing can be logically explained, proven and the whole claim itself is a “stretch” that maybe they should not resort to the destruction of America? (just a thought). But, the reality is this, People of color (through illegal means) now outnumber Americans and once they reach voting age, being race bated through our school system co harbor contempt for American anything, will consider every facet of this country to fall in to the category of “whiteness” and, they won’t quite know for which reason, or specifically what to look for but they’ll know that they want to destroy it, government, schools, businesses etc, because that’s what they were taught to think/do. Since the media is controlled and operated on a racial tilt, anyone in the government who try’s to stop this is nationally stigmatized (the minefield approach) and the “calls for resignation” are broadcast, but, they wont say who those “calls” come from? Seems like the media instigates reality more than anyone else (interesting). Sounds like some small “select group” (not the majority) painting a false reality but flashing it in front of Americans over and over and over until, well, it happens…

A few public speakers like Tim Wise (a Jew) say things like, “white privilege is when you can get pregnant at 17 and not be questioned (recapped), Or “white privilege is being able to be a gun enthusiast and not make people immediately scared of you” (referring to Sarah Palin). So, colored 17 year old girls should prove him wrong by getting pregnant? Is he putting these 17 year old girls in a “mind set” to get pregnant just to make sure they are NOT treated a certain way because they are pregnant? Is the only way to prove him wrong, having a kid before your ready? I know that’s not the point of his question but this called an “indirect effect” caused by what he says. Basically, prove me wrong by doing this (what ever it may be). If I wanted to get involved in this never ending argument, could I reverse this argument using OJ Simpson? Hell, he even wrote a self indulgent book after the trial too. Check out a Harvard professor named Noel Ingatiev (a Jew) who openly teaches and calls for an end to the white race. If I had the chance, I would like to ask both Tim and Noel what their ethnocidal view should mean for their family, parents, kids, Israel etc.. Do they practice what they preach ? Did they marry someone of a different race? If they have kids, was it a requirement that they are with someone of a different race? Will those kids be required to marry someone of a different race? What would they like to see happen to the white population of Israel? Are they willing to promote a multiracial AND “multi-religional” Israel? Are they going to tell new immigrants in Israel to reject assimilation, Israeli culture, flag and demand reverse-assimilation like they do in America/Europe? Will they lead by example or continue to make slanted statements and avoid accountability? The “white privilege” hoax was built to waste maximum amounts of peoples time arguing, while simultaneously causing maximum amounts of ethnic damage plain and simple, It’s just a stalling tactic while a cultural raid is being executed (at all levels).

Whats most important is that “white privilege” is the burden of the Jewish man, not American men, Australian, European etc. This whole argument originates for a splintered off faction of the Jewish group called Ashkenazi (coincidence that Nazi is in that name?) This is specifically a group of “colored Jews”, the list is called the “Ashkenazi White Jewish Privilege Check List” and the questions are very similar to the list that has been used to promote white stigmatism globally BUT the questions are slightly different, Ex: “I walk into my temple and others do not see me as exotic, Can I easily find Jewish books and toys for my children with Jews that look like them?” Sounds fair enough to me but did the light come on? Understand whats happening here? They found a way to push their eternal burden on to someone else (probably to make money). I researched other lists created by independent members of the Jewish community and am fascinated at this mentality/ illness, from what I understand, if someone else does not suffer the same way you do, whether it be due to religious or cultural sacrifices ex: I can eat pork and you can’t (we each give up different things), you get to BLAME THEM for being PRIVILEGED (eating pork) because you are not PRIVILEGED (can’t eat pork) in the same ways as they are, even though you in turn have privileges they don’t, and then project guilt on to them for concessions in return (without verifying what someone else has sacrificed). What the hell type of mind set/ mental illness is that? This is just Medieval Jewry… Well, even if I did get one of these grifters to admit it, wouldn’t it take a thousand years to argue? I’m sure getting them to admit truth would be a lengthy process that in some way, may resemble an exorcism. Is it worth taking the time to point out that different people sacrifice in different ways (not always visible) and maybe this self entitling point of view is not balanced? This mentality sounds like the way a spoiled child would think (my opinion).

I don’t want to be accused of “antisemitism” but lets face it, we are in a new era, Democratic governments are acting against the will of their people, calls for genocide are being publicly made and just because “they” stigmatized this on a national level (abusing medias global reach) does not mean people won’t fight for the survival of their culture, ethnicity and right to exist, open debates will rise up and Democracy will return. When the public calls for ethnic genocide are aided by the resources of, and condoned with silence by the leaders of the Jewish community then they can expect some light “Semitic calibration” to begin. Separately, what this means is that Jews (a minority group) who make up the top 1% financially are being internally eroded/ infiltrated by a person(s) of color. Mind blowing?!? Either this person has some real dirt on the “A list” or they are just damn good at what they do (my hat is off to them). People of color may call this a victory or may not. Seeing the destruction by Jewish owned corporations in countries of color like Africa, South America, India etc, makes me understand why they say that the white man is the Devil, what that particular white man keeps secret is that he is a Jew, but even more importantly in this case, his boss (the devils) is a person(s) of color.

I can’t say if that would make someone of color happy or not knowing who is at the top of this elite pyramid but it definitely makes sense to me when I see that whats being promoted is Genocide world wide ( but no mention of Israel) a whole other twist is the psychological damage I see being deeply embedded in people of color, I’ll give a quick example, If its assumed that being able to walk down the street without being physically assaulted is a “privilege”, does that mean that physical assault or violence should be the “norm”? To prove I’m not a privileged person, do I have to physically assault people? Who wants to live in a world like that? Can you really unite foreigners/minorities based on white hatred, over-dilute white countries with anti assimilation, end it with “whites last” laws and expect these people to be able to function once whites are gone? Who can they blame for their dis-functionality? Will they ever be able to see that they have been taught a backward and rhetorical way to live? Who will get minority benefits and who will have to work? Maybe “whites last” laws should remain in countries of color, I don’t think that choosing to install them in white countries will end peacefully, but then again, maybe that’s where more profits come in, after all, who is the biggest stock holder in the “for profit jails” ? Or military contracts? Who stands o make a profit if the country/globe turns in to an all out civil war? (Think Wall St). Instead of turning the collective white people in to a staircase for foreigners, these public calls for Genocide should be treated as a terrorist threat, after all, if a countries ethnic identity is going to be erased, the decision should be made by it’s citizens whom are losing the most (their identity), not undisclosed private parties. Aside from a Genocidal attack, no one asked the people, these actions were never debated or even approved, the alarming truth is that Democratic governments are acting AGAINST the will of the people, which is unconstitutional/ illegal in EVERY Democratic country. Every culture has the right to exist, or at least the right to fight for survival, maybe they plan on “hedging” against it? They will make money off this struggle somehow.

I know I got a little off track (sorry again) but my summary on white privilege is that it’s knock off of the “Jewish White Privilege Checklist”. Maybe Zionism with a fresh coat of paint? It’s a psychotic mind game that operates by “indirect effects” of causing reactions that people don’t realize hurt them until they have made some sort of permanent commitment. Like setting a cup down next to your 2 year old, but telling them “Don’t drink my delicious soda, okay?” What the hell do you think was going to happen? You told the kid it’s a delicious soda then subliminally informed them that drinking it is a option by telling them what NOT to do. Get it? Invented by a colored Jew to religiously equalize white Jews (the 1%) but meant to stay within a confined minority group which compile the global elite (explains why the experts are Jews/ privileged). If you watch them speaking, they practically have to “wink” to the crowd to make them go along with it and act like its real. Like kids and their imaginary friend, it’s grammatically structured so anyone denying it would practically have to crawl in to the mind of a psycho (scary place) and try to convince them that something they “invented” is not real, who has the time? I cannot say which crime its for as the crimes of the Jewish community stay “sealed” and are never openly discussed, or if they deserve to be “piggy-backed” this way by people of color, what I can say is that there is no such thing as white privilege for Americans.

America is supposed to provide equal opportunity, not guaranty equal results. This mythical privilege is not proven (never will be) and basically may result with people in “padded cells” rocking back and forth talking about this mystical privilege that no one can see, prove and don’t know it’s there but they, well, they are sure it exists, for reasons they can’t quite explain clearly enough to identify it. Maybe they see little cartoon characters too? It only amounts to “aggressive free riding, indirect control of colored peoples actions and brainwashing” in the end, there is some sort of price named. Don’t think of this as “antisemitism” but more like “semitic-calibration” like a tune up or Psychiatrist referral. After all, in a free society, freedom of speech means that were free to fight about it. Besides, I would say the government has overreached on some claim that was never proven and is lacking American debate, my constitution gives me and my people (Americans) this right. Being racially targeted because I’m American with the only option to live in a country which has become unfriendly towards Americans means that my list of non-privilege can go on much further than their magical list sprinkled with fairy dust.