Why Calling Me Racist Does Not Work Anymore!

  The Decline of the Race Card

Riding the public rail (scary enough) I was talking on my cell to a friend about something stupid like where to go or what to do when an eaves dropper (Middle Eastern) commented to his companion (intended so I can hear him) that, that sounded racist, then cracked a grin while looking back at me. Since he locked eyes with me while saying it (to savor his little attack) I asked him, so what if it is? What the hell are you going to do about it !? He looked confused, I asked him, do you hear that slight tearing sound? Maybe your race card being torn up? I burst out in laughter and then I checked to make sure that he understood that his opinion no longer matters, not to expect anything from me as the days of tap dancing, or exhausting my self trying to prove how un-racist I am are over, wasting my time feeling obligated to change his opinion have officially ended. I let him know that I am well aware of the White Slave Trade and Caucasian slaves owned by his people (forbidden in schools), and the real reason he feels he can mark the “white” box on the census (through generations of raping Caucasian slaves). Don’t get it twisted people, Americans/ Europeans have been lied to about the struggles of our people. So, the next time someone threatens to call you a racist, tell them it’s already been done, that you could care less and then ask them what else they got. There is nothing left to say !!! Then you can tell them that does not work anymore, they can no longer get free shit by calling you that and now you can insult them back for attacking you !! Because if you don’t care, then their mind game does not work (and they can’t control you if you don’t participate). See how this works?

Americans (Caucasians) have been “duped” they concealed our real history, paranoid us, psyched us out and then bullied us solely on the threat of people threatening to call us a racist and I am amazed this has worked for so long !!!! To simply explain this, Caucasians world wide (including those not born yet) were officially labeled racist (a long time ago) by various movements like the latest “White Privilege” campaign, Tim Wise (Jew), Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and they made it very clear that there is nothing Caucasian people can do to change this imposed identity, or their minds. So, have it your way then, why should we try? What the hell are they going to do about it !? According to this twisted ideology, It’s not even based on my actions or what I do, I’m really not even in control of whether I am a racist or not (that’s decided by the people who hate me, my culture and my race). You see, our parents taught us to be trusting, go out of our way to help and also to repair any guilt so knowing that Caucasian culture is built on these things, they assume that I feel obligated to go to unreachable lengths to try and prove them wrong, waste my whole life, give up my ethnic identity, forfeit my country, culture and even commit Genocide because wanting to have babies that are the same as me is racist, continuing my people (according to them) is racist. Sadly, most of my people don’t recognize this evil trick and play a game that can not be won. A lot of people don’t logically think of what it takes to change the mind of a psychopath who hates you for who you are, could you ever give or do enough? No, you can’t. I soon realized that I don’t have to play their game and emancipated my self from their claims, nothing obligates me to argue about it, nothing obligates me to even pay any attention to them. Whats left for them to do that they have not already done? NOTHING, so I figured, me, a racist? Sure !!! What ever is easiest !!!! So, I threw a coming out party ! Life has been way easier ever since, fearing no more repercussion because they already played their hand (SPENT IT) and have nothing left to threaten me with. This means that I no longer have to care what they think or say, I don’t have to waste my time trying to change their opinion of me, within a split second, it’s all came to an end and I guess being a racist is nothing like I thought it would be, we must have different meanings for racist because I think being an alcoholic was a worse experience but nothing really changed and I’m still the same old me. The beauty is that I can say terrible things just like black people (if I ever wanted to) and they no longer have a way to stop my freedom of speech, there is nothing left for them to call me, there is nothing paralyzing my freedom of speech anymore, remember? Racist has already happened, got anything else left in your arsenal?!?!? Thought so !!!!!! The true beauty is that freedom of speech has been lifted from the ghetto and returned to it’s rightful owner (an American) and I can now argue against what I don’t like, and return fire when my culture is attacked. Beautiful right?!? I’ll explain more about their mind game later but want to cover a recent example.

Using fairly current events is the easiest way to unmask the stratification of Americans inside our own country. In January, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has an national circus made out of a comment “I might have tacos”. Maybe he was trying to crack a joke or meant it as being funny? It does not matter because no one cared to clarify if it was innocent or not but more importantly he was so highly stigmatized by the national media that he ended up resigning. Compare this to Marion Barry whom after winning the Democratic Primary for his Ward 8 City Council seat said “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.” Which comment is worse by comparison? Claiming you will have tacos for dinner which MAY be taken as a non funny insult, or openly calling to exterminate Asians from your community? However, since Marion is black (colored privilege) he was able to make a simple apology and be done with the issue all in one day but not Dannel, oh no, the media created a firestorm, Mexicans came all the way up from Texas to deliver hundreds of tacos to his office in protest and when he made numerous public apologies, they were rejected (unlike Marion Barrys 1 apology). I guess the unrecognized mentality of,” nothing you do will ever be enough to change my opinion of you” has been successfully installed without being noticed. Americans recognize they have been put on a terribly uneven racial slope but can’t quite put their finger on whats wrong here, and truthfully, it’s near impossible to recognize and then survive a quietly launched and schizophrenic mind game once your so deeply immersed in it. I am a survivor of such mind-games and I see right through this.

If I were in Dannel’s position, I would ask the media exactly what they think they can do to me if they call me a racist? Exactly why am I supposed to care what you say? Exactly how can you make me participate in an argument with you? Can the media fire me from my job? Hell no! They label everyone a racist, besides, the people who elected Dannel would not have recalled him anyway, the end result was that this PC mind game was used as a weapon and it worked, all because they threatened to label him a racist and in the end, did it anyway, at least he would still have his job if he realized they were just psyching him out. I’m sure that he is still in shock about losing his career but has he even realized that this was just a trick to psych him out?

I find it mind blowing that the indigenous people of Europe (Caucasians) can be arrested, prosecuted and even have their children removed for suspicion of being a racist even though a legal and neutral definition of racist or racism has not been established by the courts. The reason a NEUTRAL definition won’t be established is because it can cut BOTH WAYS and be used as a defense of the predatory behavior that’s encouraged towards European culture. The UN uses the definition of racist discrimination as follows. “Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life”.

Now, there are many moving parts to this puzzle which took decades to be installed inch by inch but for simplicity sake, I’ll focus on the last line talking about fundamental freedoms. I consider the fundamental freedom of speech to me of most importance. Since our founders experienced the same forms of persecution that Europe has revived against it’s people today, they wrote it as clearly and undeniably as possible that freedom of speech is a right that will never be denied to their future generations of Americans. Making it near impossible to overtake and corrode America, how can someone get around this hurdle? Well, you can not end freedom of speech all together but you can paralyze it by stigmatizing it so badly that people fear (think) the consequences of exercising freedom of speech make it too risky and affect your ability to survive, this case uses job loss as the example. This accomplishes more than one task, taking away the voice of indigenous Europeans/ Americans ensures that their society only recognizes the concerns of foreigners/ outsiders. Media (through national reach) encourages predatory behavior/ attacks by broadcasting this new set of public norms first by showing that the will of the domiciled culture will starve compared to the will of the unwanted/ foreign, but secondly that the indigenous group will be overly punished for so little as expressing concern or god forbid, equal levels of criticism. Predatory behavior is being encouraged through the latest “White Privilege” campaign administered as school curriculum and while so called Democratic governments act against the will of their people, they are outnumbered by foreigners who are systemically trained to hunt us and destroy their cultural structure and existence. Ask yourself this question, in the year 2012, is EVERYONE free to speak their mind without fear or recourse or can only certain colors of people do this?

I don’t mean to make light of this by referring to it as simply as a “mind game” but it is constructed to make your natural environment select against you, which in turn leads to your demise (Darwin). Good example is how Americans are rejected in favor of minorities for every aspect of their life. The immigration system has been weaponized and is being misused against the American people in the most sitheous of ways. It’s nearly impossible to argue on the slope of unreasonable reasoning so climbing in to the head of a psycho (scary place) to use reasoning as combat for their unreasonableness is designed to fail. This whole agenda was designed as a stalling tactic by stunning people and then making them panic and attempt to argue their innocence using unreasonable reasoning, sound crazy? It’s completely psycho and the scary thing is that it’s coming from a high level within the government.

Americans are so scared of being labeled as a racist that they go out of their way to behave in ways unnatural to them and help ungrateful and offensive people while being insulted in the process. Americans are told that if they don’t sacrifice their entire culture and country that was built for them that they are racist and therefore they should give everything away to foreigners and even commit Genocide because the sole existence of Caucasian people is racist. So, out of shock, people actually do it, because they panic and skip the first step of realizing that they labeled you racist last week, what can they call you moving forward? That’s the only reason this mind game works. Caucasian culture is based on trust, obligation and decency, “they” know we follow the rules and will feel obligated to prove them wrong so they carefully twist their threat so they can get things from you in the process (like tricking your little brother or sister in to doing your chores). Simply informing them you no longer care what they think brings death to this old mind weapon. The recent “White Privilege” global campaign was designed to accelerate this and the leaders of this movement like Tim Wise (Jew) say that all white people are racist, even their unborn children are already considered racist and white people are expected to go to unreachable lengths to forever prove how not racist they are or else he will call them a racist. Here is what a lot of people over look, Its already been done (not as painful as you thought, was it?) The worst is all over, said and done. You see, this psycho didn’t count on people recognizing that he already played his hand, he has NOTHING LEFT, he labeled you a racist a long time ago, what else can he do? Nothing else. He used the threat of labeling you a racist, to control you and make you do unnatural things but since he already spent his “race threat” then whats left to control people with? NADA !!!!!!!!!!

You can’t control other peoples opinion of you so don’t spend your life or all of your resources trying to do so. Since everyone already thinks your racist, now you are free to say the same controversial things that black people say and, who cares? What are they going to do to you, call you racist? They are too late, it’s already been done ! Have 20 kids (just to piss them off), tell people that you are suspicious of them and call someone out if they are trying to lie and pass for an American, hell, no one gave foreigners permission to erase our ethnic identity !!! Tell these people that they ruined your neighborhood, state and country, tell them that if they attack your culture, that you can now return fire, for Tim Wise has already decreed that everyone (including the unborn) are racist and no more can happen to you, IT’S OVER !! My fellow Americans, this is LIBERATION from the PC that paralyzed us from defending the vandalism of our culture/ country. Worried about others thinking you are racist? Don’t be worried about what they think and don’t wast your time trying to change their mind (that’s what this game was designed to make you do) Lets say that racists did in fact exist as a group or entire ethnicity of people, does that anoint a separate group of people to then marginalize, infiltrate their culture, deny human rights and deconstruct an entire collection of behavioral norms, beliefs, (Genocide) based on their “opinion” ? Absolutely NOT !!! The racists are humans too and WILL head the call to war!!! In fact, this only went as far as it did because people were fearing fear itself (psyched out). By the “white privilege” movement pre-stigmatizing everyone as a racist, there is absolutely nothing holding people back anymore, now you can say what you want and nothing worse can be done or said that hasn’t already happened. So if a Mexican calls you a racist, call them a Latinophile and tell them to stop impersonating an American, remind them of the “San Diego Plan 1915”, Tell the Indians that you know about the Genocide they committed against the white giants that were here BEFORE they arrived. If a Black calls you a racist, call him a rapist, if a white slave owning middle eastern calls you a racist, call him a terrorist, then let them know that you will never recognize them as white just because they raped your ancestors!!

For those fighting this battle in Europe, your situation is tougher, expose the Arab,Muslim and Jewish owned white slave trade and DEMAND REPARATIONS for past wrongs! Demand your government revive the history of white slaves and the suffrage of your people!! Recognize that your government has been turned in to a “stalling tactic” and organize out side of it, in the streets as the truth will destroy them. Tell them that nothing they do will ever be good enough, even dying will not fix the atrocities of enslaving our people! Demand that they forfeit their wealth made off the backs of our people! Every time an Arab, Muslim or Jew talks shit to you scream at them in public and demand they make good for the past slavery, torture and rape of the European people and their cultures! Let them know that they can NOT erase YOUR ethnic identity and you WILL NEVER recognize them as Europeans! A neutral legal definition of racism (recognized by the courts) will CUT BOTH WAYS and restore balance (this is why it does not currently exist), Since people are being prosecuted and arrested for racism, I’d say it’s high time the courts legally define the neutral definition of racism. Gaining the legal recognition of predatory behavior is also a must, as your culture is attacked on all levels, it’s ability to survive depends on your ability to return fire in defense. If the government insists on outnumbering you by importing predators, they will need to revamp their expired system to accommodate this new era and be able to properly distinguish people whom act like predators. Make it known that predatory behavior is not welcome in your country and neither are racial or ethnic attacks on your culture !!!

If “they” call you a racist, don’t fight it, tell them you had a big coming out party already and ask them if they have any questions for you. Most importantly, don’t feel that you owe them anything (that’s what they are counting on for this to work). Tell blacks whining about slavery to persecute the 1% (Jews) who did it, not the bottom 99% who didn’t participate, and if they ever want to know the truth, they can research the Arab/ Jewish slave trade for them selves (its still going today). Tell them to research the White Slave Trade. Tell them to not to call you a white but recognize the different ethnicities of Caucasian people (the same way they do with brown people). Let them know that all white people are not the same and American is a blood line, not a careless choice outsiders can make.  Point out that you are [American] but they have to hyphenate, and let them figure out why they are a hyphenated/ American on their own (its because they are faux).. To all of the people whom read this, Organize in your communities and if the people of color want you to be a racist then go public and let them know that you will be what ever they want you to be !! Ask them if they can hear that “tearing sound” .. And let them know that you are not going to put up with their shit anymore either! Begin living again and be truly FREE, talk to your neighbor and begin organizing to make your voices heard, in the darkest subway or a ghetto alley, Americans can let it be known that we are now free to fight back and begin the healing process of our country/ culture. The Anti-Americans can expect return fire every time they attack our culture in a predatory way.


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